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5 Add-ons to Make Custom Lapel Pins Pop

Posted by All About Pins | March 22, 2019 at 12:50pm | Topic: All About Pins

Everyone wants their custom lapel pins to "pop." To have that visual punch to make a custom pin more noticeable or more interesting. From bright colors and shining metals, we offer thousands of design options so clients can design the most striking pins. However, in our experience, many clients aren't aware of our most impressive options for adding a unique touch to their custom lapel pins.

Let's change that! We've gathered five unique customizations you can use to add visual "pop" in nearly every design.

What is “Pop?”

“Pop” is the special element of a custom design that makes it stand out as visually interesting and attractive. For custom lapel pins pop can take the form of an eye-catching color scheme, a unique design based on popular culture or just a unique touch that sets it apart from other pins. In essence, pop is a core part of what makes a design attractive and interesting.

Exactly how you make your design pop is going to differ widely with every pin design but trying one of these unique customizations can add a unique visual touch to your pin that’ll make it really stand out.

Glitter Paint Your Custom Pins

One of the most popular ways to add spark to a pin, glitter paint makes even a plain design immediately eye-catching, flashy, and most importantly, it's all the rage among pin collectors. It's best to add it to details taking up a large area such as a design’s background or body to better contrast with the surrounding details of the pin.

Design Tip: While glitter paint can look great on a soft enamel pin, it also gives it a flaky feel to the physical pin. If you plan to add glitter paint to a pin, go for a hard enamel pin to seal the surface and give it a smooth sparkling finish.

Using Rainbow Plating

Vivid at a glance, rainbow plated pins use anodized metal that radiates different colors when it turns or shifts. The look of a rainbow plated pin is a lot like a holographic trading card and just as popular. Rainbow plating is especially striking for designs incorporating a silhouette or a lot of empty space to best show off the changing colors.

Design Tip: You can make a striking and colorful pin without any paint enamel paint when going with rainbow plating. But, if you want to add some colored details or text, use strong neutral colors like black or white to better contrast with the anodized metal.

Spinner Pins

Most popular with baseball trading pins, spinner pins are made by attaching two pins with a rivet allowing it to spin freely. Spinner pins open the door to creative designs you couldn’t make with a static pin and the novelty of a moving pin is not to be understated.

Design Tip: Spinner pins have motion inherent to their design imagine scenes of movement and action when thinking of a design. Instead of tacking on a moving part to a random aspect of static design, plan to involve the movement from the start of the design.


Danglers attach a smaller piece of metal to a pin design much like a small keychain. They can be cut-to-shape to complement your central design. The addition makes your design pop by adding both movement to the pin that you can take advantage of to add text that people will immediately notice. One use we’ve noticed with clients is to order a pin one year and simply order danglers to decorate the pin each year after that to highlight their years of service at an organization or business.

Design Tip: A dangler bit is a great place to add an event’s year or a person’s name if you want to personalize a pin to a specific date or event. If you want to go all-in you can actually design a pin to feature multiple danglers with different designs on each.

Magnetic Pin Backing

Most pins tend to, well, pin onto clothes or surfaces for display. Magnetic backing instead lets you keep it attached without poking holes into your clothes. Great for keeping your stuff in good condition but you're probably asking, "how does this add pop?"

Simple. Part of what makes a pin appealing is the ability to wear or display them on different surfaces. With magnetic backing, you can wear a pin not only clothes and fabric, but also for display on fridges, laptops shelves, and any magnetic metal surface. A magnet back gives your pin designs a much bigger selection of options for display and presentation.

Design Tip: One of the more creative uses for magnetic backing is to incorporate it into your design. You can hide a message or design piece behind a detachable pin bit that’s magnetically attached and detach it for show and tell.

Your Custom Lapel Pins

Custom pins are all about designing and making it your own but everyone wants a pin that’s attractive and eye-catching. Incorporating one or more these options immediately gives most designs an extra pop, but like any other customization, the most effective way to build a design to have an idea of what custom additions you want to add from the onset so they can be incorporated into the core of your design.

At All About Pins, we work with customers each day who want to take their unique spin on designs and different presentations, let us help you find the best choice for your custom pins. Want to learn more about your design options? Read more of our articles for making your custom pins unique and special:

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