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6 Money-Saving Tips for Ordering Custom Baseball Trading Pins

Posted by All About Pins | Monday February 17th, 2020 | Topic: All About Pins

A time-honored tradition in baseball and other youth sports, custom trading pins are a great way for players and organizers to showcase their team pride and build some non-competitive relationships with their rival teams. But ordering your team a set of trading pins doesn’t need to bankrupt your team’s budget. Whether you’ve been ordering trading pins for years or just getting started, today’s post from AllAboutPins has some actionable advice to help you save on your next order of custom trading pins.

Order in Bulk for Next Season

The minimum order from most pin manufacturers starts at 100 pins, but take our advice, that’s rarely going to be a great deal on your trading pins. Any order of pins comes with fixed production costs that we can spread out over larger orders. At an order of 300 pins, we can even waive mold fees entirely. Granted, you might not need 300 pins over a single season, but there’s always next year and having a few extra pins on hand to trade is always handy. For the best price breaks, aim to order at least 200 or 300 custom trading pins.

Go Die Struck With Custom Trading Pins

Need your trading pins quick and easy? Custom die struck designs to save on enamel color fill costs and to get your pins in hand much quicker. Of course, die struck designs won’t include color details for team colors and the like. However, it’s a great way to demonstrate the iconic nature of a team mascot or emblem with a bright polish or a classic antique. Not to mention, if you’re in an absolute hurry, die struck pins are the quickest possible production.

Order Smaller Pin Sizes

One of the quickest ways to save on your order is to cut the size of your trading pins. Most trading pins are ordered around 1.75”, but cutting on the size of your pin can dramatically cut production costs. However, most teams want pins that are at least 1.75” for trade and display, which we know is a big consideration for trading value. Our advice? Cutting down the size is also an effective means of stretching out your budget and make room for more specialty customizations like danglers, blinkers, and other moving parts that can make your trading pin more than just a display piece.

Go no Bigger Than 2”

It goes without saying that bigger pins will cost more than smaller pins, but especially so if your pin goes up to 2” or more. Bigger pin sizes inevitably call for more materials and heavier shipping package but at 2” it also requires an oversized mold that’ll incur additional setup fees. Not to mention, any pin over 2” is going to be really unwieldy to wear or display on most surfaces. For the best balance between cost and size, sticking your trading pins between 0.75” and 2.0” will prevent your order from incurring extra fees.

Cap Your Color Use at Seven

Unless having a crayon box of colors in your design is inherently important to team spirit, sticking to just seven colors or less will prevent any additional color fees when working with AllAboutPins. Speaking of which, if you plan on adding colors anyways, don’t be shy. The price for enamel color fill is the same whether you use one color or up to seven. If you need help with your color choices, check our write-up on color palettes!

Reorders Waive All Mold Fees

Need a pin for the new season? Reordering a previous design can cut mold fees entirely from the equation. We keep molds on file for up to three years and a reorder of an older design cuts out a lot of initial setup costs and ships quicker since we don’t need to create a new mold. Granted, a lot of teams want new designs each year. However, even reorders can be customized with new color schemes or plating options for a new look each season that can save you both time and money.

Get Started With Custom Trading Pins

Keeping these tips in mind, it’s possible to cut costs at nearly every part of the production process. However, don’t think for a second that trying to cut costs means sacrificing creativity with your team’s custom trading pins. Working with us, artwork and revisions from our experienced team are always free and we offer a full suite of free options to personalize every pin we make.

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