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Crafting Connections with Custom Enamel Pins at Trikefest

Discover how one of our customer’s used the power of enamel pins to forge connections with other trike enthusiasts at Trikefest in Indiana. At All About Pins, we turn your passions into personalized pins that connect with others and help us express ourselves.

Case Study

Creating Pins that Act as Emblems of Passion and Friendship

Enamel pins are more than just accessories, they’re a way for artists, hobbyists, and small business owners to express themselves and forge connections. Such as one of our All About Pins customers, who over the years has used custom pins to connect with fellow trike enthusiasts and share her connection with others at Trikefest, a national gathering for trikes and trike riders that takes place every year in Indiana. 

Explore our blog to read about these special creations and how you can make some for your own interests with our expert guidance at All About Pins. 

Trikefest: Unleashing Joy on Three Wheels

Every year in the open spaced fields, hills, and trails of Indiana, a roaring celebration brings Three-Wheeled enthusiasts from all over the country together to ride and connect with one another. Amidst the festivities and adventures, one of our customers here at All About found herself an idea that would elevate her passion for the hobby and connect her with others on a new level. 

Trike 3

Designing Trike-Inspired Enamel Pins with a Purpose

Coming from the North Georgia mountains, our customer Kim, grew up riding trikes and has always had a love for adventure. She felt there wasn’t much three-wheel hobby representation, giving her the idea to create her own custom enamel pins with All About Pins. Turning them into small trikes that can be attached to hats, bags, or apparel and represent the passion both on and off the trike. 

Kim brought her pins to Trikefest and now has been selling her custom pins every year. Getting to wow other enthusiasts and share their love. Throughout the last few years, Kim has customized and ordered 12 sets of pins with us here at All About Pins. 

The trike pins Kim made for Trikefest are well designed, eye-catching emblems of a shared passion. With different metal platings, bold colors, detailed drawings of the vehicles (some even featuring hidden “Honda” logos) made with custom shapes, the custom soft enamel pins tell a unique story and are reminiscent of the open roads. 

All About Pins: Your Creative Partner 

Bringing your vision to life is a breeze with All About Pins. Our seamless process and versatile design options ensure that your custom enamel pins resonate with your passion. Whether you're envisioning intricately detailed designs or minimalist emblems, our top-talent representatives and pin designers will guide you every step of the way. 

Trike 2-1

Design Your Enamel Pins Today!

Enamel pins are rising in popularity, due to the portable size, affordability, and variety of styles and designs. They are expressive and can start conversations, bringing people together. Kim’s story with her custom pin orders highlight this perfectly. 

Start your own journey of self expression and connection today by creating your own custom enamel pins with All About Pins. You can start today by giving us a canal or submitting our easy and free quote form. Embark on your own pin adventure now!


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