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Custom EDM Pins for SoDown

EDM artists and festivals everywhere have unlocked the popularity and influence to expand their brand recognition. Discover the intersection of music, art, and design with All About Pins and how it can elevate a music or festival fan base.

Case Study

EDM artists and festivals everywhere have unlocked the popularity and influence to expand their brand recognition. Discover the intersection of music, art, and design with All About Pins and how it can elevate a music or festival fan base. 


The Rise of Custom Merchandise in Festival Branding 

When pursuing success as an independent artist, especially when performing at festivals with dozens of other artists, creating a distinct look could be the key to standing out. Custom merchandise, such as popular and collectible custom pins, have become a cornerstone in this strategy. 

These small and vibrant accessories are both collectibles and powerful marketing tools. In today’s blog, we’ll delve into the synergy between EDM, art, and expression through custom pins, showcasing how musicians everywhere, like our All About customer SoDown, have harnessed their potential. 

Custom pins can wield an impact on businesses, artists, and organizations everywhere. And at All About Pins, we stand as an authority in crafting these custom pins for our customers, bringing their visions to life and ensuring they shine. 

Popular Demand for Custom Festival Pins in the Modern Music Scene

Music festivals, rooted in ancient traditions, have evolved into global phenomena. As their popularity soars, so does the demand for custom festival pins. Musicians are recognizing the potential of these pins as promotional tools, showcasing their brand and connecting with fans in a tangible way.

Creating merchandise that reflect an aesthetic and help foster self-expression, such as custom pins, are sometimes considered to be a part of the music festival culture. They can be worn on bags, hats, or jackets, spreading an artist’s name and starting conversations. Their popularity, collectibility, and appealing designs make them the perfect tool for artists to leave a lasting impression on listeners everywhere. 

The music community, especially EDM lovers, thrive on the interconnectedness of music, art, and self-expression. Pins can serve as a tangible representation of this unity, allowing artists and fans to express their unique style with their audience on a deeper level. 


SoDown’s Growing Music Library, Custom Pins and Other Merchandise 

Custom pins that represent a genre or artist in music, can be more than just one or two designs. Pins can represent albums, tours, logos, or other music projects that enhance the fan experience. These collections can serve as handheld memories for fans, reminding fans of their passion and bond with their favorite artists or beloved festivals, while also elevating a brand. 

An artist that has harnessed the popularity of custom enamel pins is up and coming EDM artist and All About Pins customer, Ehren Wright, also known as SoDown. While SoDown can be found performing at many electronic music festivals, his music is said to be “bass music” but created with a blend of chill, heavy, and funk with jazz elements incorporated. With his debut album released in 2021, and an EP that shortly followed, his music library is growing, as is his custom merchandise and brand. 

He has customized a series of memorable pins to represent his music and overall look. Most of them bear his name, and also include bright colors, vibrant designs, and symbols such as saxophones to represent the jazz aspect of the music he creates. 

SoDown creates custom enamel pins that represent tours, albums, and support his overall aesthetic, making them an integral part of his merchandise line. These custom soft enamel pins make his brand recognizable for anyone who comes across these collectible treasures, whether it be through his own shop or at one of the many festivals he has been performing at in recent years. 

When creating custom EDM pins with All About Pins, you can create custom pins of virtually any shape, size, and designs. You can even add extras like glitter, gemstones, or glow in the dark. Our experienced artists and informed representatives are ready to bring your designs to life. 

Start Your Custom Music Pin Design Today

While pins can be collectible accessories, they can also be a canvas for self-expression and act as a bridge between artists and fans. In the world of EDM, All About Pins is the go-to destination to transform your music or event into a vibrant brand with beautifully designed pin collections. 

Whether you’re a music artist, event coordinator, or just a lover of music wanting to make custom pins reflecting your passions, submit a free quote with All About Pins today to create custom music pins. You’ll receive a free art proof within a few days, to which you can revise as many times as needed to get your pins just right. 


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