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Custom Pin Design: 5 Details to Check in Your Art Proof

One of the great benefits of working with All About Pins is access to our expert art team who can take the wildest ideas and present a top-quality rendition of a custom pin.

Custom Pins

Your art proof isn’t just a nice rendition of your design. It’s a great opportunity to comb through the details on your pin design and make any changes to your design before going to final production. For today’s design post, we’ve got five ultra-important details you should be checking on your art proof from All About Pins.

Spelling, Grammar, and Names

Got text or a name on your custom pin? Double and triple-check it! Don’t over-rely on spellcheck, it isn’t going to save you all the time and it’s especially important to check proper nouns such as personal names, brands, organizations, or places. The team at All About Pins makes the effort to confirm anything that looks unclear or off. Although, details like the spelling of a company name or whether an individual’s name was supposed to be “Kevin” vs. “Devin” are details you’re far more likely to catch before we think to notice.

Font Choice

Related to spelling and grammar, double-check the font choice fits the tone and idea behind your pin design. At the proofing stage that you’ll have the opportunity to make changes here on how you’ll want the text molded and what kind of impression you want your words to make on a visual level.

Over the years, font psychology has grown essential to how we express ideas and tone through text. Big loud fonts with permanent capitalization will hook attention. Conventional sleek designs relay ideas and text easily without distracting from the actual imagery in your designs. Looking over your art proof is your chance to easily try different font choices and how they express the personality of your pin design.

Color and Brand Imagery

From the look of a logo to the colors and font in an emblem, keep an eye on your brand’s assets to keep it as close to its identity as possible. With your brand, imagery is everything when it comes to recognizability and a lasting impression. If your brand or organization has an established color scheme, make sure the Pantone colors used in a design matches what you want.

Some brand designs such as feather-thin lines or gradients are difficult to replicate on a pin design and will take some design work to adapt, but our team is more than happy to do our part to make it happen. During the proofing process, our team can come up with multiple iterations of a design using different customizations until we find the best match for maintaining your brand consistency. If you’ve got more than one idea, its best to send them all in at once so we can send them back to you all at once. 

All Content is Included

It easy to get distracted by design details and customizations only to later realize you’re missing a key emblem or feature you wanted! It never hurts to go down the bullet list of exactly what you wanted on the pin and check off that it’s on the first art proof!

Once your order is confirmed and we’ve shipped out to manufacturing, it’ll often be too late to make any major changes. Account for what content or details you want to take out of a design for a sleeker design and which parts of a design are absolutely essential.

Custom Pin Shape

One of the most basic elements of your design, pin shape dictates the look and wear of your design. Don’t think of your custom lapel pin as a sketch or design against a white backdrop. Look at your pin as an actual wearable accessory. Does the actual shape of your design give the intended visual impression? Is there a specific profile you want your pin shape to maintain? Did you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape for the worn pin? The art proof will be your first opportunity to make sure the shape of your pin scales to your specifications and captures the right look. Not to mention, it’s a good opportunity to test some of the more unique customization options like dangler attachments or 3D molding!

Get Started With Your Custom Lapel Pin

With so many different combinations of pin options and styles, there are literally thousands of options for customizing and developing your custom pin design. However, these 10 details cover some of the most influential parts of your overall pin. Hopefully, this article helps you when it’s time to start reviewing your first art proof from AllAboutPins and makes sure your custom pins come out looking right the first time around. 

Ready to get started? Just fill out this online form with the full details of your custom pin design and we’ll get both your quote and artwork ready in no time. Don’t forget,  All About Pins offers free artwork of your design and unlimited revisions because it’s our goal to ensure your total satisfaction!

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