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Custom Pins 101: Cardstock Backing

Posted by All About Pins | June 3, 2019 at 11:54am | Topic: All About Pins

Not only does custom backing make your pin stand out more, its another creative tool for putting your brand first. From retail pins to online shops, many designers use custom cardstock to add visual impact and personal branding to their custom pins. If you're eager to add cardstock to your next order, AllAboutPins has your back.

What is Custom Cardstock Backing?

Cardstock backing is a packaging option for custom pins where your pins come attached to a stiff paper backing. However, adding a custom backing card gives you much more than just a quick surface to hang a pin. Well-designed cardstock builds your brand and improves your pin’s visibility, all in one neat package.

With custom backing, you customize the look, shape, color, cut, and size of the cardstock to create unique looks often as imaginative and unique as the custom pins themselves.

Customizing a Pin’s Custom Cardstock Backing

All About Pins is happy to offer custom pins in just about every size and shape you could want. In fact, there are fewer design restrictions on your artwork than there is designing your pin in the first place. As a printed sheet, it’s possible to customize every part of a pin to

Cardstock Thickness

Most backings are about as rigid and thick as a business card but at your request, we can use a thicker cardstock on any custom pin order. Customers who go for a thicker backing often want bigger physical impact when a customer handles their pin or to simply make for sturdier packaging for the pin.

Cardstock Size

The most popular sizes for cardstock backing is 3 x 2.5 (the size of a business card) and 2 x 2 (size of a passport photo.) However, that’s not a hard rule, we can go ahead and make cardstock in just about every size and shape depending on your needs.

Cardstock Shape

No need to leave your custom pin’s backing as a boring rectangle. All About Pins can customize the shape of your pin backing into more whatever shape you want whether you simply want rounded corners or a completely unique shape. Custom shape cardstock makes your pins more visually interesting products, making them much more recognizable products.

Cardstock Text and Fonts

All About Pins can add whatever text or font you want on one or both sides of your cardstock backing. With no limitations on your font choice, or even making your own custom fonts, the written script of your backing is as much a part of the creative design as your initial art proof.

Adding Custom Cardstock Back With AllAboutPins

It’s easy to add custom cardstock to your pins with AllAbout Pins, simply note your interest in cardstock backing when designing your pin and any one of our associates work one to one with our clients to create a quote and add the backing design to the pin’s art proof.

Whether you’re making a small order of 50 or need cardstock backing for an order of 1000 pins, there are just a few things might need to know to get started:

  • The price of adding cardstock depends on the size, shape, color, and text of your cardstock backing. Factors such as whether you cut the cardstock into a unique shape or use full-color can alter the price quote.
  • If ordering multiple pin designs as part of a series, you can pin multiple designs onto the same cardstock for multi-product packaging. This allows you to package your multiple orders all-in-one to be sold as a single product.
  • You can customize the thickness and type of cardstock used for your custom backing. From as thin as a business card to a stocky cardboard thickness, we can change the thickness of your backing to accommodate heavier pins and to add value to your specific order.

Upgrade Your Custom Pin

If you want our honest opinion, a cardstock backing can be a serious upgrade to nearly every type of custom pin you may want to use. For retail pins, cardstock backing makes your custom pin and your personal branding more eye-catching and presentable. Award pins can take advantage of cardstock backing to list a recipient’s achievements, projects or outstanding deeds creating a much more personalized reward. Promotional business pins can include information about your company’s services or products as a novel business card. Whether you want to

Ready to get started? Contact AllAboutPins and ask about custom cardstock at any point of your order before production begins. As one of our premium packaging options, we can show you just how much more impressive your pins can become.

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