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Custom Trading Pins: Working With a Pin Manufacturer

Posted by All About Pins | Friday March 6th, 2020 | Topic: All About Pins

If you want custom trading pins for your baseball or sports team, you’ll be working with a custom pin manufacturer. However, from plating styles to custom molding, it can sound like you and your manufacturer are talking different languages on how to want to design your trading pins. To help smooth the process and save you from a headache, here are some quality of life tips for working with a pin manufacturer like AllAboutPins.

Be Descriptive About Your Pin

Making it a priority for both you and the manufacturer to clearly understand each other during the design process of your pins. From looking over the art proof to explaining the scope of your project, leave nothing to chance when sending and articulating your ideas and wants. For the best results, but any ideas or design specifications in writing so the art team can review and confirm details. This is especially important for the spelling of text details and team names which can be a lot harder to clarify over the phone. While it’s acceptable to ask the design team to use its best judgment for small details and options, try to be as explicit as possible with the concept for your trading pins. If you can, include a sketch with your inquiry, even if it’s just a napkin sketch of your idea.

Quick Tip: The three main details you want to add in any inquiry is the size of your trading pins, their shape, and your team’s Pantone colors. 

Include All Relevant Team and Sports Content

One of the best ways to get a manufacturer on the same page is including any pre-existing art assets you’ll want featuring on the trading pin. This bit of foresight gives an immediate visual for your team’s personality and lets the design team know how to adapt a design while keeping the spirit of your team. Not to mention, it’ll save a lot of time and guesswork out of trying to replicate a design from scratch. Even if you do want a manufacturer to help you create a design entirely from scratch, it’s still helpful to include any official colors or emblems to keep the design consistent. In our experience, the best custom trading pins will combine existing assets from their team with new takes or adaptations to give the pin itself more character.

Quick Tip: Rather than shooting photos or website images of your team’s emblems, try to send in fully-vectored artwork whenever possible. It’s easier to adapt to a pin design and will quickly save on production time.

Proofread Your Art Proofs

This can’t be stressed enough. Proofread any artwork you receive of your design! Details like correct spelling, readability, size, colors, and font should be double and triple checked. The art proofs we provide are your first tangible means of seeing your design and how it’ll look before beginning final production. Details like the names of plating options, coloring methods, and distinct customizations might have different names depending on the manufacturer. But artwork can immediately show you what a manufacturer is talking about long before production. 

Working with AllAboutPins, you can also take advantage of unlimited design revisions from our team making sure every detail is exactly how you want it. The last thing you want is to open your box of new pins on game day to discover that your initial design has the wrong team colors.

Quick Tip: If there are any changes you want on a trading pin design or just a few extra color options, list them out all at once when getting back to the design team.

If in Doubt, Ask the Team

Especially important if this is your first time working with a company like AllAboutPins, a quick chat with a manufacturer can directly smooth over any inconsistencies with production language or give you a clear idea of the scope of options for your trading pin. While we offer unlimited revisions for all designs, some changes and concepts can be hashed out over a 30-minute conversation rather than a week of back-and-forths of your artwork. 

Quick Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for any unusual design requests like multiple plating options or specialty design options like glitter paint. 

Selecting the Best Manufacturer for Custom Trading Pins

Looking for a manufacturer? You won’t need to go far. The team at AllAboutPins has over a decade of experience helping baseball teams and other sports design and make custom trading pins in just about every shape and size. Whether you’re an experienced team working on your next season’s trading pins or just getting started, these tips will prime you for a smooth and painless production process. 

Ready to get started? Just contact us at info@allaboutpins.com or fill our online form.

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