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Designing Custom Cufflinks With AllAboutPins

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an accessory giving as much polish to an outfit as a custom cufflink. Just like AllAboutPin’s customized pins, you can personalize near every part of a cufflink’s design to suit your taste.

Custom Pins

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an accessory giving as much polish to an outfit as a custom cufflink. Just like AllAboutPin’s customized pins, you can personalize near every part of a cufflink’s design to suit your taste. However, a cufflink is definitely a more specialized accessory more at home in an upscale gala than a band jacket. With this post, we’re hoping we can help inspire you to create a set of custom cufflinks to be proud of.

What are Custom Cufflinks?

Custom cufflinks are personalized accessories worn for many black-tie events and formal occasions including weddings or banquets. We’ve found cufflinks are most popular with organizations including the military, law enforcement, EMS groups, and Greek organizations as wearable symbols of solidarity. Like our custom pins, custom cufflinks can be designed using a full-suite of customization options including changing the size, color, metal, molds, and more to suit your needs.

However, designing a custom cufflink isn’t like creating a band pin or a promotional pin for your business. More at home in a formal setting than a lapel pin, custom cufflinks often call for a different approach when it comes to their design. 

Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

Custom cufflinks find their home in a formal atmosphere. You’ll expect most wearers to have their cufflinks on during formal events such as weddings or banquets. These events usually call for a subdued professional-style dress with a sense of gravitas and subtlety. Of course, just because most cufflinks are worn for well-dressed occasions doesn’t mean you can’t have novelty designs. Events like dress parties and informal banquets are great opportunities for fun designs that buck formality. But, ultimately, it’s a safe bet to assume that anyone wearing your custom cufflinks is going to be in some kind of formal wear and to plan accordingly.

Cufflinks are often small and light. As you might expect, cufflinks keep your cuffs connected and secured. Make a design that’s too big or heavy, however, it’ll start weighing down the sleeves. Our most popular cufflink sizes are about 0.75” and 1”. Try to plan a design optimized to fit that scale for the best results.

Tips For Creating Great Custom Cufflinks

As with any custom product, there aren’t any hard and fast rules for what kind of designs you should use and what makes the best possible design. A great design for any order is always going to depend on the needs of the product and the interests of the client. That said, there are a few guidelines that we think will steer you in the right direction.

Use Texture for Visibility:

At AllAboutPins, our artists can quickly generate art mockups of different designs and metallic textures to better showcase the final look and feel of your cufflinks before production is ever started. From the look of different plating options to mixing it up with different colors, it’s a good opportunity to see what works best. 

Make it more than a Logo on Metal

Get creative. Use a 3D mold. Mix some color options in. But most of all, do anything you can to keep your design from just being a logo slapped on a small metal surface. Doing so makes for an infinitely more interesting and unique accessory.

Include Color or Plating Options in Your Order

Don’t forget you can mix and match plating styles and color options in your order. As long as your design uses the same mold we can freely create custom cufflinks in a variety of different metals and colors at no extra charge! Everyone loves options and this gives your design an opportunity to fit different color schemes and outfits depending on the taste and interest. 

Account for Limited Colors

Any order of custom cufflinks comes with up to seven different color options. However, when you’re working with an accessory that’s usually no bigger than an inch you don’t have a space to work with. Especially, when you need to space out your linework to allow for the right color fills. If you want to go for a ton of colors in a design, then make sure they’re clearly divided or stick to one primary color with supplementary color options to enhance a design. 

High-Polish Looks Great for Cufflinks

When it comes to custom cufflinks, going for a high-polish finish is one of the most popular options. Not only does this make a great contrast against the solid colors of most shirts, but it adds a classic jewelry-like quality to your cufflinks. If you plan on adding text with a high-polish cufflink, we recommend you stick to black or dark color text to contrast with the gleaming surface. 

Get Started With Custom Cufflinks

Ready to get started? With AllAboutPins, you can customize and design near every part of your custom cufflinks to fit your needs and taste. Our design team has years of experience helping customers develop high-quality custom cufflinks. While these guidelines can help you create the perfect design. Don’t be afraid of asking any of our experts for any advice!

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