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Employee Recognition and Service Lapel Pins

Posted by All About Pins | August 10, 2009 at 2:45pm | Topic: All About Pins
We here at are frequently asked if we provide custom employee recognition lapel pins, also referred to as years of service lapel pins, and we most definitely do. Employee recognition lapel pins are great ways of showing your appreciation for your employee's service to the organization. When it comes to creating a custom service pin, there are 2 approaches that can be taken. The first is creating different molds for each different year to be recognized. What this means is that the representation of the year, be it a number or the year spelled out, is stamped into the pin allowing it to be made from the polished metal. Here is an example:

The second way to manufacture a recognition pin is to "print" the years of service with the silk screen method. Similar to t-shit printing, the silk-screen recognition lapel pin allows us to make only one mold. Below is an example of the silk screen process. This type of pin is also more economical, in terms of initial setup costs. Silk screen fees are less than half the cost of a new mold.

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