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From Corporate to Creative: Lapel Pins in the Modern Workplace

With help from our team at All About Pins, you can use the popularity and influence of custom lapel pins in the workplace and discover how they can shape your corporate identity, boost team spirit, and honor your dedicated employees!

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With help from our team at All About Pins, you can use the popularity and influence of custom lapel pins in the workplace and discover how they can shape your corporate identity, boost team spirit, and honor your dedicated employees! 

From Sentimental Gifts to Powerful Workplace Tools: Custom Pins for Your Business

Lapel pins have long been cherished as symbols of loyalty and honor, and now are most-popular as accessories and small, sentimental gifts. These pins become tools that can transform the workplace and its employees. 

In this blog post, we will explore the many uses for custom lapel pins in corporate settings, the many people who harnessed the impact of them in companies and branding, and tips for designing your own custom pins with All About Pins. 


Lapel Pins and Their Evolving Legacy

Enamel pins and lapel pins have a long history dating back centuries. It is said that Egyptians created enamel to make enamel pins and that Greecians wore the first versions of lapel pins, leading up to their importance in recognizing rank and expressing one’s self in the way they’re used today. 

Over the years they’ve evolved to be used for many purposes, becoming a fashion accessory but also a way to show identity and cohesion. Now, businesses and organizations everywhere use custom pins to represent their groups, rank, and more. 

In the workplace, lapel pins can serve multiple roles. They are versatile tools that can be customized to align with your company’s goals. Custom pins can be given out as years of service pins or employee appreciation pins, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie among your employees, while also recognizing their hard work and dedication which can be crucial for morale and productivity. 

Creating custom lapel pins that represent the workplace, organization, or small business can also act as powerful branding tools. They serve as miniature billboards, showcasing your company’s logo or slogan which can be distributed to clients, partners, employees, and more. 

A Universal Solution for Workplace Enhancement

Not just the typical corporate workplaces have used the influence of custom lapel pins for these many reasons. Tech startups, nonprofit organizations, recruiting and marketing agencies, and even small businesses everywhere have created their own custom pins with All About Pins to benefit their workplace morale and brand awareness. 

No matter what your business or company may be, at All About Pins we have the experience and tools to help you create lapel pins that perfectly represent your workplace, its employees, and more. 


Some Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Pins 

To make lapel pins work for your organization, it's essential to carefully select and design them. With our streamlined ordering process and experienced artists and sales representatives, we ensure that your vision will be turned into a beautifully crafted lapel pin that represents your workplace perfectly.

When it comes to creating your pins, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, have a clear goal and purpose when it comes to distributing your custom pins. Are they for branding, team building, or recognition? 

When in the process of customizing your own workplace lapel pins with All About, you have the opportunity to send in your own artwork and design, or if you’re not as artistically gifted, we have wonderful artists who are ready to help bring your vision to life. You can choose your colors, shapes, and materials to represent your brand effectively. 


Design Custom Lapel Pins for Your Team or Business with All About Pins Today!

In conclusion, lapel pins are more than just pieces of metal or enamel. They have the power to motivate employees, show appreciation, and increase brand awareness in the workplace. Their rich history, adaptability, and real-life success stories highlight their invaluable role in the modern corporate landscape.

Discover our pin collection by taking a look into our gallery and gather inspiration for creating your own custom pins for your business. All About Pins is a leader in the custom pin game and is readily available to start creating yours! 

You can start your journey today by either giving our representatives a call, emailing us, or submitting a free quote! With a free quote, you will hear back from us within a few days including a free proof of your design, which can be revised as many times as needed. Discover the endless possibilities of workplace lapel pins today!

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