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Gamesa Challenge Coin Awards

Gamesa is a company that is a leader in innovation. their development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of wind turbines and wind turbine farms has gained them worldwide recognition. ...

Custom Challenge Coins
Gamesa is a company that is a leader in innovation.  their development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of wind turbines and wind turbine farms has gained them worldwide recognition.  This is largely in part to the green movement and people wanting "cleaner" sources of energy. For fifteen years, the company has exceeded standards with its products and employees.  It has 30 production facilities in Europe, the US, China, and India as well as over 7,200 employees worldwide.  In addition to providing a valuable service each and every day, the company wo rks hard to be sustainable. Creating a Coin With Meaning Gamesa provides the answers to this need with its advanced and efficient power sources that do not pollute the environment.  Getting to the point of recognition requires the hard work of hundreds of people.  Their dedication does not go unnoticed by Gamesa themselves.  In fact, that is why the company contacted us to create custom challenge coins to award to their exceptional employees. This specially shaped challenge coin follows the organic feel of the company's logo.  It literally embodies the heart and soul of the company because it includes the wind turbine design on the reverse side of the coin. Building a Team of Strong, Satisfied Employees Happy employees are loyal, dependable, dedicated, and hard workers.  That's why it's so important to recognize their efforts with a tangible reward like a custom challenge coin.  The men and women will continue to take pride in what they do when they know that their work is paying off. Encouraging Other Employees to Follow the Example Challenge coins are kept over the course of a lifetime and are treasured because they have great personal value.  Our customers frequently tell us that the recipients of their awards are seen with the coins on their desk or other public location much like a person would display a trophy.  This is a great way to encourage other employees to take pride in their work.  In fact, it may only be a matter of time before they, too, have a challenge coin of their own. Appreciation doesn't have to come at a large cost as demonstrated here.  During hard times like these, even the smallest token conveys an equally positive message.  Whether the challenge coin selected is single or double sided, dual plated or sequentially numbered, one thing remains true.  There is no greater gift that a person can give to their employees than custom challenge coins from All About Coins. Visit us on the web at http://www.allaboutchallengecoins.com, email info@allaboutchallengecoins.com or call us toll-free at 1-800-667-5931 to inquire about services as well as prices.  We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have for us.

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