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Personalizing Custom Lapel Pins With Backstamps

Posted by All About Pins | April 16, 2019 at 4:32pm | Topic: All About Pins

Putting personal brand forward in your products is often the difference between a one-time sale and a long-term customer. But, when it comes to something at the scale of a custom lapel pin, getting room to brand can be tricky.

That's why we recommend adding a custom backstamp to your lapel pins, especially if you're retailing your original work. Stamping your organization or business onto your pin's back keeps you visible and puts your brand first. Today, we're exploring the ins and outs of personalizing custom lapel pins with a backstamp.

All About Custom Backstamps

What’s a backstamp? Exactly what it sounds like. Backstamps are recessed or raised images stamped onto the back of a custom pin with a separate mold. Unlike a shirt tag or a product label, which are legally required, adding a custom backstamp is up to you but they’re highly recommended, especially if you plan on retailing your custom pins.

Backstamping maximizes space on both the front and back of a pin design. With many clients using the backstamps for logos, business names, personal signatures or sequential numbering on a limited run. However, depending on your contracts and work with other businesses or organizations, you might also use a backstamp for copyright information.

Benefits of Backstamping Your Lapel Pins

While most people will want to add a backstamp mainly to keep their personal brand visible, there's actually quite a few benefits to be reaped from this custom design add-on.

Here are a few ways custom backstamps can help personalize your order of lapel pins:

  • Adds a professional touch: The core of good branding is being able to present you or your business to a customer in a distinctive way. A backstamped pin shows you’re an established business with products to offer.
  • Send a message: Backstamps give you a medium to communicate with your customers after they’ve bought a pin. Tell them how the pin is part of a limited release, increasing a pin’s value. Add a name to the pin, that way they can look it up and find more of your work. Ultimately, it’s a new medium to define your work and draw more interest in any future designs.
  • Fulfill your legal requirements: Not the most exciting benefit of a backstamp but being able to add your copyright information and that of anyone you’re partnered with will cover any legal requirements for any partnerships or properties you incorporate into a pin design.
  • Makes your brand standout: As a visual accessory, many pin designs don’t have space for web URL or phone number to look up your business. And to be honest, most people aren’t too keen on buying or wearing a pin that’s little more than a display for your website. A custom backstamp lets you add that information to the back of a pin where it won't disrupt the flow of your design but keeps you close whenever a previous buyer needs a separate coin.
  • Makes your brand standout: Let's be honest, chances are people are buying your pins mostly because they like your design or art. But by leaving a customized mark on a pin, the pin is no longer just a colorful expression for the customer but a distinct marker making your pin designs stand out from the rest of the competition.

Backstamping Lapel Pins With AllAboutPins

Adding a backstamp to your AllAboutPins order is simple, just mention you want a backstamp when talking to us online or over the phone about your order and send us the design you want to be stamped onto the back of your pin. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind when adding backstamps to your custom pin order.

  • Cost: Whether making an order of 100 pins or 1000 pins, adding backstamp to your pin order only costs a one-time fee of $45 for the mold. This is a one-time fee, meaning you can use that same mold for any future orders you make with us either on the same pin design or any new designs you might want to design with our services.
  • Design: While there are many different ways you can design and customize a backstamp, your options are much constrained compared to your choices for the choice of the pin. Backstamps can be raised or recessed and shaped with any text or image that fits into the back of your pin. If your stamp is recessed you can choose a single color-fill option(we recommend a color darker than your pin’s plating for better contrast.) If using your backstamp for personal branding, we recommend a logo paired with snappy text such as a name or website.
  • Space: For obvious reasons, your backstamp can only be as big as your custom pin’s size and shape. If you plan to reuse a backstamp for other pin orders, you’ll want to make sure your backstamp’s design fits into any future pin you might order or you’ll need to purchase a new backstamp for a redesign.

Whether your retailing your pins on an online shop like Etsy or hosting a crowdfunding campaign for your custom pins, using a backstamp to personalize your custom pins is worth investing in. Custom backstamps are one of the best design add-ons for strengthening your personal brand and building a stronger image for your business.

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