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Pin Types: Soft Enamel

pin229 ( http://www.allaboutpins.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/pin229.jpg ) We get it: we have a ton of different pin types to choose from. Even if you’re not new to the custom lapel pin busi...

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pin229 We get it: we have a ton of different pin types to choose from. Even if you’re not new to the custom lapel pin business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed – especially when the different types seem so similar. It’s all paint on metal, right? Why the need for so many distinctions? Today, we’ll focus on soft enamel pins. Soft enamel lapel pins are probably our most popular type, and that’s not surprising! Soft enamel offers clients a classy, elegant lapel pin, and it costs less to produce than other types. That means you’ll receive a great-looking pin for a bargain price, and you won’t have to sacrifice a professional look to do it. How are soft enamel pins created? For starters, all of our pins start out as molds in our factory. Our factories take your designs and create a mold. “Soft enamel” actually refers to the coloring process. When your mold is created, the picture is created in a series of recesses and edges. The edges are the outline of your design – and also why we have to “separate” colors with what appears to be a border of metal. Soft enamel pins are colored by dropping paint into the recesses of your pin. If you’ve ever gotten a transparent “suncatcher,” or painted one yourself, the process is pretty similar! When the pin is done, you’ll be able to feel the edges of your design. The outline will feel like ridges, and the design will not be smooth to the touch. However, that doesn’t mean that your pin will be scratched, or that the paint will be ineffective. Your pin will come out beautifully – and at a fraction of the cost for other types. This is a fantastic pin type for schools, small businesses, or any type of organization on a budget! As always, if you have any issues with your produced pin, or you’re anxious to get started, contact us at 1-866-604-9462, or by email at info@allaboutpins.com! We offer free setup and molds, and we’re happy to discuss which pin type would be most effective for your design. We look forward to hearing from you!

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