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Stitching Memories Together with Custom Pins

Explore how custom pins from All About Pins are stitching memories together with the Northern Star Quilters Guild in Westchester, New York, celebrating quilting traditions and fostering community through personalized tokens of appreciation.

Discover how custom enamel pins from All About Pins are stitching memories together at the Northern Star Quilters Guild's annual World of Quilts Celebrations in Westchester, New York. Explore the importance of these collectible pins, their role in fostering community, and how you can customize your own.

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Celebrating Quilting Traditions in Westchester, New York

In Westchester, New York, the Northern Star Quilters Guild is a welcoming host of quilting enthusiasts that host events such as the annual World of Quilts Celebrations. The Northern Star Quilters Guild have given All About Pins a wonderful partnership opportunity, customizing enamel pins with us that perfectly reflect the cozy quilts they create. 

Custom Hobby Pins for all Enthusiasts

Custom pins are helpful and collectible tools that can act as symbols of camaraderie, pride, and passion. Enamel pins can encapsulate the spirit of a hobby or community, just as many All About Pins customers do when creating their custom enamel pins with us. As attendees don their custom pins, they become walking ambassadors for the guild and its annual celebration, sparking conversations and forging connections with fellow quilting enthusiasts.

The Northern Star Quilters Guild & Their MissionAAN 701023 - 3

The Northern Star Quilters Guild is a quilter’s guild that welcomes all, offering programs, workshops, and lectures on the hobby. They also arrange charity quilt fundraisers, as their mission is a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote and educate those on the art and craft of quilting. 

All About Pins has been fortunate enough to create custom pins for the Northern Stars’ events for years, creating custom enamel pins with eye-catching designs that capture the essence of their group and mission. These quilting pins play a fun yet strategic role in their events, acting as sentimental souvenirs that hold memories and expand to hobbyists everywhere. 

These custom pins designed with the help of our graphic artists at All About Pins often display quilt-patterns, shining bright with pantone colored enamel, and created with custom geometric shapes that perfectly reflect common quilt patterns. 

Enamel Pins as Merchandise & Branding Tools

Custom pins are often used as merchandise and branding tools, and due to their collectibility and the versatile ways to adorn them, they are beneficial at events for organizations and businesses looking to expand their brand. For this New York Quilters Guild, these custom pins have also played that role, becoming beloved in their community.  

Enamel pins can also be used for virtually any sector or industry. From the military, to school pins, to small businesses, or fundraisers, you can customize your own pins for virtually any reason. At All About Pins, our team of experienced graphic designers and informed representatives are dedicated to bringing your custom pin vision to life! 

AAN-496500-27Customizing Pins with All About Pins 

Creating custom pins, coins, and more with All About is an easy and streamlined process! It all starts with a call to our office or filling out our free quote form, giving us information on your vision and what you’re looking for in custom pins. Within just a few days we will send your quote with a free proof of artwork that can be either approved or revised. Once your artwork is approved, production begins on your custom enamel pins! 

Fill Out Your Free Quote Today!

As you embark on your quilting journey or plan your next community event, consider the influence of custom pins from All About Pins. Explore our diverse range of customization options and bring your vision to life with personalized pins that capture the essence of your quilting passion. Together, let's stitch together memories that last a lifetime.

Start designing your own custom enamel pins with All About Pins today by filling out our free quote form or giving one of our representatives a call!


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