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Recognition Lapel Pins Take Employees to Their Next Level

A question frequently asked by managers and business owners is, “How do I award my employees for their efforts?” All About Pins ( http://www.allaboutpins.com/softenamel.html ) has the answer, custo...

All About Pins
A question frequently asked by managers and business owners is, “How do I award my employees for their efforts?”  All About Pins has the answer, custom lapel pins. Lapel pins are unique way to award employees. They are completely customizable and can be made to present as a general award or to recognize a specific achievement.  When Comcast needed to recognize its employees, the company did not hesitate to partner with us to create the perfect lapel pin. An Award That Matches Their Efforts We believe that outstanding workers should be given outstanding awards.  Comcast wanted a recognition lapel pin for its winning employees.  To create an award lapel pin that Comcast and its employees could be proud of, we combined state of the art software with the unmatched skills of our design professionals. The end result was an outstanding pin that surpasses traditional methods of reward. Certificates and engraved plaques are often used as a means of rewarding employees for their hard work but these large and sometimes heavy pieces can only be seen hanging on the wall of an individual’s workspace.  They are quite nice but lapel pins are unique and more practical. Comcast's award lapel pin can be taken anywhere and proudly shown.  Anyone who sees the pin will know that the person wearing it is a hard worker. There is also a benefit to other members of the workforce. A Little Recognition Goes a Long Way Lapel pins can be used to motivate the rest of your workers too. When other workers see that individuals’ efforts are not only noticed but are awarded, it changes their perception of the organization and themselves.  Employees will aspire to attain the same achievements or begin moving up through the different levels of their profession.  With this positive change in attitude an organization can fully benefit from what a little recognition can do. As an industry leader in providing custom lapel pins, All About Pins has the knowledge and experience to help you design a lapel pin that truly motivates your employees. We can provide you with achievement lapel pins that inspire workers to make strides toward being their personal best. Call 1-866-604-9462 or email us with your ideas at info@allaboutpins.com.

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