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The Evolution of Cloisonné Pins; Are They Still Popular?

Explore the enduring appeal of cloisonné pins and their significance in custom enamel work. Discover the evolution of these timeless pins and design your own unique pieces with All About Pins.

Cloisonné pins have a timeless appeal that people everywhere are choosing for their custom enamel pins, but are they becoming less popular?

The Timeless Allure of Cloisonne Pins

For decades, cloisonné (otherwise known as hard enamel pins), have been the high-value standard in the hearts of pin collectors and enthusiasts of pin enamel work. Renowned for their sleek and timeless aesthetic, these pins are a symbol of durability and sophistication. 

At All About Pins, we've crafted these exquisite pins for over 20 years, and in this blog, we'll delve into the evolution of cloisonné pins, shedding light on if their popularity has seen a shift, especially in comparison to soft enamel custom pins. 

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Hard Enamel Pins and Their History

Cloisonné pins are debated to date back to Egyptian times, when the Egyptians created enamel to make jewelry with. It is said that this pin gets its name from the compartents created by the raised regions of metal. In modern times, these pins are revered for the bold coloring and sleek, jewelry-like feel. They have been the choice of artists and creators for decades. 

In the world of lapel pins, choosing between hard and soft enamel often comes down to the desired finish and durability. The unique charm of cloisonné pins lies in their hand-polished, glass-like finish, making them perfect for corporate branding, artistic expressions, and beyond.

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Cloisonne vs. Soft Enamel Pins: What is the More Popular Option?

While hard enamel pins have long been popular amongst custom pin artists for their feel and sleek look, they have seemingly been as popular as soft enamel pins until recently. Soft enamel pins, a more cost-effective option, are seemingly the number one option when creating enamel pins and lapel pins. Soft enamel pins are widely and readily available at gift shops, etsy stores, small businesses, and more. 

DSC07196-Edit copy-1  However, the smooth, jewelry-like finish of hard enamel pins continues to have a higher perceived value. Hard enamel pins are used by a variety of different types of people for many different uses despite their competition with Soft enamel pins. Such as mementos in historical museum gift shops, employee recognition or years of service pins for large corporations, and pins that represent a whole class or club in a university. 

Cloisonne pins have a beautiful look to them and can be designed any way you would like. They are beloved by professional leaders and organizations everywhere. 

What sets cloisonné pins apart is their timeless appeal. They boast a sleek, smooth finish that is reminiscent of fine jewelry. The colors on hard enamel pins are vivid and enduring, making them stand out. For those who seek pins that make a statement with their quality and craftsmanship, hard enamel is the ultimate choice. DSC07199-Edit copy


Designing Your Own Custom Cloisonné Pins with All About Pins 

At All About Pins, we understand the lifelong charm of cloisonné pins. We’ve ensured that our design process is a breeze, and we have a team of skilled designers ready to bring your custom designs to life. 

Whether you're a pin collector looking to add a unique piece to your collection, a small business owner looking to create custom merchandise, or a designer with a vision, we're here to help. From your initial concept to the final product, we ensure your customized hard enamel pins are a true reflection of your vision.


Discover the Art of Cloisonne & Submit a Quote with All About Pins Today!

In conclusion, cloisonné pins may have seen a small shift in popularity, but their unique place in the world of pin design remains. Their sleek, timeless, and jewelry-like finish makes them stand out as a symbol of enduring quality and craftsmanship.

At All About Pins, we have a long history of creating a wide variety of hard enamel pins. We invite you to explore our collection of cloisonné pins gallery and discover the art of hard enamel custom pins. 

Whether you're a collector, a designer, or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of custom pins, our designers are ready to turn your custom designs into stunning accessories. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create your unique cloisonné pins. Submit a quote with us today!

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