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The Ultimate Guide to Trading Pin Upgrades

This baseball season, custom trading pins are the perfect way to show team spirit. With All About Pins, you can customize your trading pins to make them stand out from the crowd adding extra flair to your team's look.


This baseball season, custom trading pins are the perfect way to show team spirit. With All About Pins, you can customize your trading pins to make them stand out from the crowd adding extra flair to your team's look. 

Every year, we get an influx of creative and imaginative pins and strive to make them not only produced perfectly, but unique and representative of their respective teams. With a variety of upgrades available to choose from, it’s easy to make your custom trading pins different. You can add glitter, spinners, and even LED lights to your trading pins to make them one-of-a-kind!

Enhancing Team Identity & Connecting with Others

For generations, baseball teams have adopted the custom of trading pins, which serve as a symbol of team pride and spirit.

Pin trading began in the early 1920’s and 40’s when American professional baseball started selling pins and buttons with players' faces printed on them. By the 1980’s, little league organizations and local teams had started customizing and trading their own pins.


Today, trading pins have become increasingly popular, with teams designing custom pins that are stylish and functional with different colors, sizes, and add ons. Most teams make sure to put their team colors, the year in which they’re playing, and sometimes their players’ numbers on their custom pins. 

We have a team of talented designers ready to create custom trading pins that reflect your team's unique style. Whether you want to celebrate a special season or stand out from the crowd, we can create the perfect pins for your team!

Baseball trading pins are an important part of the baseball season and can be used to represent your team's unique identity. They are a great way to support your team, also serving as a way to commemorate special occasions and seasons.Trading pins are also a great way to connect with other teams, as they can be exchanged in a symbolic gesture of goodwill and sportsmanship. 



Adding Upgrades to Your Trading Pins 

All About Pins has a range of enhancements available this baseball season to personalize your trading pins. These upgrades will give your pin an extra touch of pizzazz and make it stand out from the rest. 

Danglers are attached by a ring to the main design and are commonly used to represent the year in which you are playing. Spinners, a spinning metal attachment, are often shaped like a ball or a team’s mascot. You can also add blinkers (flashing LED lights) or glitter to give your pins some extra flair.

By adding any or all of these enhancements, you can guarantee that your pins will be the most attention-grabbing and exclusive in the league.

Sparking Joy & Friendship through Pin Trading at the Little League World Series

Every year teams all over meet in Williamsport, PA for the Little League World Series. Here 16 teams, both American and international, play one another until a champion comes out on top, all while being broadcasted on networks such as ESPN. 

Volunteers will set up pin trading tents at the Little League World Series, where young players can trade pins or just admire other collections, meeting and socializing with players and pin collectors from all over the world. Some people come to the LLWS with hundreds of pins up for trade with some being large, bright, glittery, with spinners or danglers. Pins are often traded for those of similar value, making the pin you trade it for that much special.


Custom baseball trading pins play a crucial role in the baseball season by showcasing a team's distinct identity. These pins allow teams to demonstrate their team spirit and differentiate themselves from other teams. They serve not only as a means of supporting your team but also as a way to commemorate special events and seasons. 

Design Your Own Custom Trading Pin and Take Your Team Spirit to the Next Level!

All About Pins has been making custom trading pins for teams all over the country for almost 20 years. Whether you’re making a small or large pin, want to add glitter, blinkers, or spinners, our team of designers will work to make it perfect for your team. 

To get started, fill out a quote form or call one of our representatives today. Give us your ideas and inspiration and one of our designers will send you a free proof within a couple days. Get started on designing your own upgraded trading pin today!



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