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Using Custom Lapel Pins to Celebrate June Holidays and Observances

June is filled with reasons to celebrate. Along with nationally recognized holidays like Father’s Day and Flag Day, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the month to use custom lapel pins....

All About Pins
June is filled with reasons to celebrate.  Along with nationally recognized holidays like Father’s Day and Flag Day, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the month to use custom lapel pins.  All About Pins has come up with this handy guide to help businesses and organizations promote themselves in new and creative ways. A few of our suggestions include: June 1st is Stand For Children Day. Awareness ribbon lapel pins can be created to speak out against Child Abuse, educate the public about the effects of Autism on a family or raise funds for after school programs and recreational facilities. June 4th, 1896 is the day that the first Ford was made. Automobile enthusiasts can show pride by ordering custom lapel pins for their car club.  These items can then be used to promote events and encourage new members to join the organization. June 5th is World Environment Day. Companies, sports groups, and youth organizations can take a stand against environmental destruction by creating and wearing custom lapel pins.  Messages about reducing, reusing, and recycling can be incorporated into a pin’s custom design. June 12th, 1839 is the day that the baseball was invented. Sports teams can get ready for the season by ordering baseball trading pins that feature their choice of colors, logo or mascot, and team name.  They can also include information about their hometown and player’s names on the pins. June 14th is Flag Day. Businesses can show their pride by handing out American Flag pins in honor of the event.  These pins can be traditional or contemporary.  They can be created in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes depending on what the customer prefers. June 20th is Father’s Day. Restaurants that feature a special brunch menu for fathers can use lapel pins to accent napkin rings or place cards.  Sports venues and concert halls can hand out pins as a small token of appreciation for attending an event. June 23rd is National Pink Day. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October but there is no reason why it can be incorporated into today’s theme.  In addition to custom awareness ribbon lapel pins, businesses and organizations can create pink poodles for a Parisian theme, pink flowers for a Garden Club, and pink booties for Birth Announcement pins. June 29th is Camera Day. Photography clubs can honor their members with custom camera lapel pins.  These items can help identify members, award them for their commitment to the club, and be sold to others as a way of raising money for new equipment or a special event. Like every other month, there is a lot to be excited about in June.  Custom lapel pins can help businesses and organizations achieve their goals easily and affordably. Amanda Knight knows a thing or two about Lapel Pins. As Manager of All About Pins, she works directly with businesses and organizations to design custom lapel pins that exceed her customer’s expectations.

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