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We Love Your Testimonials About Our Custom Challenge Coins

Posted by All About Pins | May 22, 2012 at 7:36pm | Topic: Custom Challenge Coins
Testimonials like the one we just received and have chosen to blog about today mean the world to us.  We love sharing the positive feedback sent to us by our customers.  R.M.Yuskiw had this to say about the custom challenge coins that he had created for the Canadian Contribution Training Mission-Afghanistan: “The Challenge Coin is a testament to the great product that this company delivers.  The quality of construction and the eccentricity of detail in each individual coin is beyond reproach.  Having seen the standard of craftsmanship with the Roto 0 coin, I was aware of their fastidious attention in the construction of a template in order to capture all of the minute details provided with the original drawing.  Now upon receipt of our iteration, with the addition of our own individual unit ciphers, they have once again exceeded expectations.   It is with genuine sincerity that I extend my sincere appreciation to the supplier of such a product that will forever lay testament to our rotation as part of Canada’s contribution to the NATO training mission in Afghanistan.”  R.M. Yuskiw MWO/OR-8 Canadian Contribution Training Mission-Afghanistan Regional Military Training Centre-North Strategic Advisor Team Sergeant Major Camp Mike Spann, MeS We work with our customers to create custom challenge coins that not only meet their specifications but exceed their expectations.  That’s why we love hearing from them after their items have been shipped.  Although a full color digital proof gives our customers an idea of what their coins will look like, there’s nothing like holding one of our actual products in their hands. If you have had a positive reaction to the custom challenge coins that we created for you, share your experience by emailing  We’d love to publish your comments for others to see.
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