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Your Guide to Ordering Custom Lapel Pins

Got artwork or logo you want made into a custom lapel pin? Never ordered custom pins from a company before? We’re All About Pins here and ready to help you through the process of designing and orde...

All About Pins
Got artwork or logo you want made into a custom lapel pin? Never ordered custom pins from a company before? We’re All About Pins here and ready to help you through the process of designing and ordering custom lapel pins for your business, organization, sports team or online shop using our four-step process. This article will help guide you through our design and ordering process that takes your concepts and executes them into high-quality lapel pins. Four-Steps-to-a-Custom-Pin

Step One: Send Your Pin Ideas and Fill Our Online Form

The first part of getting your pins is easy, get in touch by calling, emailing us or filling our online form and send us your ideas and specifications for an order. If you’ve already got a design you want turned into a pin, simply send it to us in any file type we can view (.ai, .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf etc.) If you have no design in mind and no idea where to start, that’s no problem. Our representatives will help individually guide you through the process of getting an original concept based on your company or organization. At this step, the most important things are to set the basic criteria of your order such as how many pins you plan to order, how big you want those pins to be and what type of pin you want designed. Once you send us the basic criteria and an idea for your design, we’ll get back to you with a free full-color art proof of your design along with a projected price quote for your project. Choosing a pin type One of the important choices you’ll make at this stage is deciding what kind of pin you want. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider for each type of pin and some designs or color combinations are better suited for specific pin types. Product_compare The most popular pin types include:
  • Cloisonne pins - A type of hard enamel pin which fills the details of a stamped design with colored glass resin before being baked at high temperatures to give a durable and glossy jewel-like finish.
  • Soft enamel pins - Probably the first type of pin to come to mind when imagining enamel pins, soft enamel pins are very beginner-friendly and are best for designs with clearly separated colors.
  • Die-struck pins - Popular for awards and service pins, die-struck pins have simple metallic finishes that give their designs a classic look.
  Quantity and Size When filling out our form, you’ll be asked how many pins you want to be ordered and how big each pin will be. For most pin types, our minimum order size is 100 pins, but if you expect to sell or give out a large quantity, we recommend ordering at least 300 pins. Not only does this greatly decrease the cost per pin, but orders of 300 or more also allow you to save money on the mold setup fee. Comparison As for size, the optimal size of a pin varies greatly on the complexity of a design and your own preferences but we recommend complex designs go to at least 1” for showing off a design’s details.

Step Two: Review, Revise and Approve

In 24 to 48 hours after receiving your information, we respond back with a full-color art proof of what your design would look like as a pin based on your specifications. At this stage, its a matter of looking over our work and deciding what works and what doesn’t. Proof Any aspect of the proof come out differently than you envisioned? Did you want to further customize the design? Now the fun begins! We offer free unlimited revisions to all our clients meaning you can shoot back any feedback on our work and our team of artists will make the requested changes before sending you a revised art proof of the design with the revisions. The right change can make all the difference and clients can ask us to revise anything in a pin’s design from the shape, colors, size, and paint. During this stage, it’s also an opportunity to test our other customizations including plating options, attachments, key chains or packaging.

Step Three: Complete the Order Form

Like what you see? Great!  Just fill out our order form with your delivery address and payment information and once it’s processed we’ll immediately begin production which takes seven to 10 business days. We accept payment from all major credit card companies and it doesn’t matter how many revisions or changes you’ve asked us to make, the final price we quote will be the price of your order.

Step Four: Your Order Gets Shipped

This last part is really simple. After production, your pins are delivered within two to three days barring any major delivery disruption including large-scale fires, hurricanes, mudslides, apocalyptic alien invasions or the postal company loses the package. Congratulations! Your order is now complete and we hope people love the final product. Shipping With four simple steps, your ideas are now a physical pin you can wear with pride. If upon receiving your order, there are any problems with the pins or the final product is dramatically different from what was promised, shoot us a message immediately. All About Pins offers a satisfaction guarantee on all orders and will immediately rectify the issue by sending a new batch of pins.

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