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Custom Logo Pins

Elevate your brand with custom logo pins from All About Pins. Enhance your brand image, foster team spirit, and commemorate important moments. Contact us today for a free quote!

Custom Pins

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Logo Pins 

Custom logo pins help bring your brand’s story to life in vibrant enamel and sleek metal. And at All About Pins, not only are we crafting your pins, we are helping you create opportunities to enhance brand image, foster team spirit, and commemorate company moments that matter. 


Unlock Your Brand's Potential: Why Custom Logo Pins Matter

Creating custom logo pins for your business can reach your brand image far and wide, leaving a mark on everyone who gets their eyes on one. Here’s why some businesses choose them: 

  • Wider Reach, Unforgettable Identity: Transform your logo into a portable ambassador wherever it goes. Your logo becomes recognizable and unforgettable, sparking conversations and connections. 
  • Merchandising Magic: Turn your pins into merchandise, allowing supporters to wear their support for your company proudly. 
  • Celebrating Milestones: Commemorate employee anniversaries with pins that symbolize dedication and growth. These tokens of appreciation foster a sense of belonging and motivation within your team. 
  • Leadership Identification: From supervisors to managers, let your leaders stand out with pins that highlight their positions and inspire others to aspire the same goals. 
  • Connecting with Stakeholders: Use custom pins as gestures of gratitude for partners, customers, and event attendees, helping form lasting connections. 


Exploring the Palette of Possibilities with All About Pins’

At All About Pins, we understand the importance and impact of custom pins, and strive to make them a great representation of your business. We have a wide array of options to make your logo pins perfect: 

  • Soft Enamel Pins: Our most popular choice, these pins blend vivid colors with a textured finish for a dynamic look. 
  • Cloisonné Pins: For a sleek and professional appearance, these pins offer a clean, professional, and polished aesthetic. 
  • Die-Struck Pins: Classic and timeless, these pins showcase a vintage and timeless charm.
  • Shaped to Perfection: Customize the shape and size of your pins to align with your brand's personality. 
  • Colors that Speak: Choose from an extensive range of Pantone colors, with the first seven colors on us. Your pins will truly mirror your brand's vibrant identity.
  • Upgrade Your Pins: Elevate your pins with optional upgrades like colored gemstones, playful glitter, or interactive spinning attachments. 


Industry Leaders Using Logo Pins to Honor Years of Dedication

Leading brands have trusted us to translate their stories into pins that resonate. Take Walmart and Chick-fil-A, for instance. These industry giants chose custom logo pins from All About Pins to honor years of service, bridging the gap between corporate excellence and personal appreciation.



Experience That Will Shine Through Your Pins

Why choose All About Pins to bring your vision to life? The answer is simple, all About Pins has been crafting custom pins for businesses and organizations for years, gaining the knowledge, experience, and confidence that we will make your pins shine. 

Our dedicated team of representatives and artists work to transform your ideas into tangible pins, with attention to every detail. Our streamlined ordering process seamless from design to creation, with assistance from our team being just an email or phone call away, if needed. 


Empower Your Brand with Custom Logo Pins Today!

In a world where branding is crucial for a small business or organization, custom logo pins act as not only accessories, but as tools to outreach your audience, thank your valued employees, gifts for your clients and partners, and as merchandise that represents your business in a small, portable, colorful way. All About Pins is ready to share our expertise with you, using creativity to brand your logo in an impactful way. 


Take the first step by filling out our free quote form. Let's transform your vision into custom logo pins that will captivate, commemorate, and celebrate. Start your journey with All About Pins today!


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Fast and Easy!

We made a quick phone call to All About Pins and spoke with Chelsea... She was very nice and directed us easily to the product we needed. Our order was proofed and finalize quickly. The whole process seemed effortless.

Date of experience: January 31, 2023

Very professional staff

Very professional staff, almost immediate response and their graphic department is outstanding.

Date of experience: March 20, 2022

Good turnaround time and customer service

Chelsea Mummert provided good customer service and walked me through the checkout process. She also assisted me in customizing quotes and figuring out the best option based on our previous orders.

Date of experience: September 13, 2022

Wonderful designers provided a quality…

Wonderful designers provided a quality product.

Date of experience: September 28, 2021

Every order of custom lapel pins includes

Free Artwork

Free Artwork and Design with Unlimited Revisions

Free Proof

Free Full-color Proof Delivered via Email

Fast Production

FAST Production
Shipping in ~7-10 days

Free Shipping

FREE UPS Air Shipping
To US Addresses
(APO Deliveries Extra)

Lapel Pin Plating

Antique Copper

$0.10 per pin

Antique Gold

$0.10 per pin

Antique Silver

$0.10 per pin

Black Metal


Black Nickel




High Polish Gold




Dual Plating

$0.70 per

Lapel Pin Upgrade Options


3D Mold


Card Stock



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